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University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC)
UCSC Building Complex
35, Reid Avenue, Colombo 07.
Tel.: 011-258 1245, Fax: 011-258 7239

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Currently, the UCSC consists of Five Centers

  •  Computing Services Center
  •  External Degrees Center
  •  Advanced Digital Media Technology Center
  •  Professional Development Center
  •  E-Learning Center

(Courses available for external students)

Short term Courses conducted by the different Centers of the UCSC

The UCSC conducts short-term training programmes in the most advanced and up to date topics that are in demand in the industry. These programmes are designed with a view to enable a participant to learn about a particular programming language, a design methodology, new technologies or the use of specialized packages in small groups with close supervision. Special programmes for individual groups from companies are arranged on demand. Many of these courses are conducted over 5 or 10 days. Some of the courses conducted currently are:

Computing Services Centre, Advanced Digital Media Technology Center,

Professional Development Center, E-Learning Center

Tel.: 011-258 1245 Fax: 011-258 7239

  •  Training Course on Computer Aided Drafting Using AutoCAD
  •  CISCO Networking (CCNA/CCNP Hands-on Training)
  •  Unix/Linux Fundamentals, Network & System Administration
  •  Training Course on Java Application Development
  •  Training Course on Personal Computer Applications
  •  Training Course on Upgrading and Maintenance of Personal Computer Systems
  •  Digital Video Production & Animation
  •  Advanced Multimedia Web Design & Development
  •  Interactive Multimedia Content Development Using Macromedia Flash
  •  Dynamic Web Development with PHP & MS SQL
  •  Training Programme on e-Learning Technology
  •  Regional Training Programme in Design, Installation,      Administration & Maintenance of Network Systems

External Degrees conducted by University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC)

External Degrees Centre of UCSC

221/2 A, Dharmapala Mw, Colombo 7
Tel.: 011-472 0511 Fax: 011-268 2331


  •  Bachelor of Information Technology External Degree (BIT) administered by the External Degrees Center

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